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passID helps you boost profits two ways: by increasing revenues while cutting costs.

Let's face it, if you own or run a business, you're on the lookout for ways to boost profits. Sometimes you do that by increasing revenue, sometimes you do that by increasing revenues, sometimes you do that by decreasing costs. PassID helps businesses in both arenas.

Boost your profits on two fronts:

Reduce Costs

  • No physical cards to make or replace
  • Distribute updates quickly and easily
  • Streamline the system to manage your members
  • Increase security by leveraging features built into the phone

Increase Revenue

  • Improve customer adoption and satisfaction
  • Works across multiple platforms: (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Send notifications on the fly to your member's smartphone
  • Use analytics data to improve customer experience

passID is the digital solution to the analog problem of membership cards and IDs.

Membership cards and ID lanyards seem like a good idea - until you realize you're carrying cards for: the gym, several grocery stores, multiple coffee shops, department stores, big electronics retailers...and the list goes on and on. Who wants to carry 15-20 cards and ID's around with them just to get in, to get a discount or loyalty rewards?

Nobody does. And because of that, people don't want them, they don't sign up for them. They opt out because they don't want the hassle - and that translates into a loss of potential revenue for you.

On the flip side, for the people who do sign up and get your membership card - there's a physical cost to your business associated with creating, maintaining and replacing those cards and the system to manage them.

passID is different.

passID bypasses the customer objection by providing a digital equivalent that they carry in their smartphone

It's easy for your customers to have 20 or more mobile membership cards and mobile ID cards if they're stored digitally in the wallet app on their phone. They prefer it. They'll use it if they have it.

And that adds up to more revenue for you.

In the meantime, the passID mobile membership / ID system costs less to implement and run than your current membership card system.

And that means reduced costs for your business.

Additionally, it's possible to send out updates and promotions on the fly. Essentially, you can reach out directly to your customers on the one device they are likely to carry 24/7 to motivate participation, solicit feedback or just promote your latest special offer.

Find out more how the passID mobile ID card system can help boost your business profits today.

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