Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create a seamless and convenient user experience using your member's smartphone-- the one possession they always have on hand.

With passID you can give your customers a solution for managing and accessing their membership cards that is both convenient and secure that will improve customer satisfaction and keep customers wanting to come to your business.

No Hassle Membership

When it comes to mobile membership cards for a business such as a fitness center or a grocery store, nothing could be more frustrating to a customer than telling them you want to give them one more card to add to their collection that they have to keep and manage.

Have you ever had to sort through a wallet or purse filled with dozens of cards only to find that you don't have the one you actually need?

Let's face it, your customers are done with managing plastic ID badges and membership cards. They have enough to worry about than spending their efforts tracking membership cards and worrying about forgetting them, losing them, or having them stolen.

Why not give them a mobile solution that is easier for both your business, and more importantly, for your customers?

passID is Convenient & Simple

Now, with passID, your customers will be able to have their membership cards stored digitally on their mobile smartphone. Nobody leaves their smartphone at home, so that means your customers will have no problem carrying and accessing their mobile membership cards whenever they're needed.

Your customers will have better peace of mind and enjoyment when doing business with you.

Additionally, passID is cross-platform. This means your customers can access their mobile membership cards on any smartphone running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry operating systems.

Find out more about how the passID mobile ID card system can help improve your customer's satisfaction today.

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