Increase Security

With passID, members will never have a lost or stolen card. Their sensitive information is kept locked and secured in their smart phone.

Ever lost an important card? Whether it's an ID card, credit card, or a membership card to a store or gym, everyone sooner or later experiences that uneasy feeling of losing when you need it most. passID for mobile membership and ID

passID can secure your member's cards behind their most secure password on their smartphone - their finger print

  • Your members can have dual security, keeping their cards locked in passID behind their fingerprint or pin and behind their phone's lock screen
  • Having membership and ID cards stored digitally means no more lost or stolen cards. They can retrieve their card even if their phone goes missing
  • passID reduces your members risk and exposure to fraud by taking the physical walled card out of the equation

Members Rest Assured

Whether it's a gym, an organization or a shopping club, it comes with a sense of belonging, a sense of being part of a special group. With passID mobile membership cards you can give your customers that sense of appreciation with a simple download to their phone. Even better, it creates an added layer of security and convenience that your customers will know exactly where to find their mobile membership card when it's needed, along with the added peace of mind that they won't lose it.

Find out more about how the passID mobile ID card system can help increase your members' security today.

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